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Booking Online Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering our maid services. To order online appointments of Cleaning Professional Services of Maid U Shine, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

To book online, we require a deposit that will be applied to the final cost of your cleaning, which starts at $50 plus tax. The final cost of your cleaning service will depend on the specific details of your cleaning needs. After you complete the deposit payment, we will contact you to confirm the date, time, and total price of the service.

Schedule - We will confirm the date and time based on when we have the team and the spot available. Contact us with any questions at 713-999-1363

What's not included? Moving heavy items, cleaning outdoors, carpet cleaning, removing mold or infestations, deep stain removal, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Partial Refund policy:

You will be eligible for a partial refund of the deposit paid (minus the ongoing transaction fees) ONLY if Maid U Shine cannot provide the service for internal reasons. In that case, your refund will be processed within 3-5 business days. Please note that the partial refund will be credited to the account used to make the initial payment.

Cancellation policy - We understand some changes may happen to you. If you need to skip service or cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, call the office or email us two (2) business days before your appointment. This will allow us to reassign your maids to another Customer. Less than adequate notice will result in a fee of half the price of the appointment. If we drive to your property and are locked out, we charge the full amount of your scheduled service. To skip services, you have a week to reschedule your next service and the future schedule remains unchanged. Avoiding lockout fees is why most Customers entrust their key to our office safe.

Condition of the property - If there are a lot of clutter and traffic in your home, we will do our best to work around it. Interruptions in our routine may prevent us from completing the job in the estimated amount of time. More time may be available for purchase, or we may need to adjust what tasks we can accomplish due to the lack of time.

Access - Our time starts when we arrive to clean. If we have to wait for someone to unlock the door, there will be less time available to clean the house.

Unfair Competition - Customers may not employ or solicit past or present Maid You Shine associates to work for them directly or indirectly in any capacity whatsoever. In the unlikely event that you did hire a past or present Maid You Shine associate, you agree to pay a $5,000 plus any court and lawyer fee. Also, if one of our maids ever solicit you, please contact the office immediately. We will handle it with complete discretion, meaning the maid in question will never know you contacted us.

Our 100% Guarantee - If you are not satisfied for any reason, call or email our office within 24-hours for a re-clean of the unsatisfactory areas. If you are purchasing a set number of hours, we guarantee you will get that number of hours. Our 100% Guarantee does not apply to a set number of hours jobs because you may not have purchased enough hours to complete the job to our standards. Naturally, because of the subjective nature of cleaning, and the fact that the maids have already scrubbed the customers home and toilets, refunds are not offered. Cleaning is hard work, and our maids deserve to get paid for the work they rendered. If you do not agree with this fundamental principle, then please refrain from engaging our services.


Houston cleaning service Maid U Shine is committed to improving your quality of life and making you shine brighter through various, flexible cleaning plans. We look forward to building trust, ensuring a job well done, and creating long-lasting relationships.

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