Houston Make Ready Cleaning Service

Are You Ready to Shine Brighter?

Your life shines brighter when you know that you’re coming home to find every room of your house perfectly clean.

What Our Houston Maids Clean During a Make Ready Cleaning

For realtors or homeowners who want to sell a home, a clean and well-maintained property not only enhances the overall appeal of the house but also allows potential buyers to envision themselves living there comfortably. Maid U Shine will ensure that every corner of the house is left sparkling and free of clutter, highlighting the property’s best features and contributing to a smooth and successful sales process.

For Every Room in Your Home
Remove Trash
Outer Surfaces of Trash Can
Polish Glass Surfaces
Sweep and Mop Floors
Vacuuming Rugs
Clean Light Fixtures
Ceiling Fans
Dusting Exposed Baseboards
Cobweb Removal
Windows, Window Sills, Ledges, and Blinds
Wiping and Polishing Mirrors
Door & Door Frames
Outside of Cabinets & Drawers
Air Vents
Thorough Dusting of Tables, Chairs, and Other Furniture
Additional Houston Cleaning Services for Specific Rooms:
Bedroom Cleaning
Outside and Inside Surfaces of Closets and Wardrobes
Ideal for occupied or unoccupied homes up for sale, targeting homeowners and realtors.
Make Ready Cleaning readies homes for potential buyers through deep cleaning.
Achieve the finest state for open houses and real estate photography.
A home that looks and feels its best facilitates buyer connection.

Houston Make Ready Cleaning Service

Putting your best foot forward is important for meeting people and special occasions. In the same way, it is critical that a home leaves a good impression on any prospective buyers. So just as you might have a makeover before an important life event, Maid U Shine offers its Make Ready Cleaning Service to make your home ready to stand up to the scrutiny of its potential buyers.

This way, we make both your home and your life shine brighter. Our stellar, eco-friendly cleaning services are backed by trust, quality control, and lasting relationships.

What Is Make Ready Cleaning?

Maid U Shine’s Make Ready Cleaning service is targeted toward homeowners and realtors who are putting a home up for sale while it is still occupied. In order to maximize appeal to potential buyers, the home is ‘made ready’, through deep cleaning and tidying.

After each service, your home will be primped, polished, and preened to its finest state, perfect for an open house event or a real estate photography session. After all, when your home looks and feels its best, it becomes easier for buyers to imagine it as their future personal haven.

How Does Make Ready Cleaning Work?

Make Ready Cleaning is a scheduled maintenance service that is ongoing until the house is sold. On the appointed date and time, we send a company vehicle to the home with a supervisor and a team of uniformed maids. They will bring with them all the necessary cleaning supplies to complete the job. Our maids are highly professional and take the role they have in your home very seriously. We are careful to hire and train maids who care about honesty and transparency.

The maids will work together in teams for maximum efficiency and minimum disruption for any of the home’s occupants who may be present. Our onsite supervisors will enforce strict quality control to make certain that your home is thoroughly cleaned and meet our rigorous standards and the standards of even the most exacting home buyer.

Shall We Make Ready To Make Your Life Shine Brighter?

Maid U Shine is a family-owned and operated business with a passion for positively impacting the lives of many and giving them the quality of life they deserve. We are committed to making your life shine brighter by building trust, enforcing strict quality control, and building long-term relationships with each of our clients.

To get an estimate for make ready cleaning for homes that are over 2500 square feet, please give us a call. Get in touch and let’s make ready to make your life shine brighter!