Meet Maid U Shine

Family-owned and operated, Maid U Shine has a passion for positively impacting the lives of many and giving them the quality of life they deserve. We want you to shine brighter day in and day out, and we look forward to offering you our stellar, eco-friendly cleaning services backed by trust, quality control, and lasting relationships.

Locally Owned in Houston

Our owners boast extensive careers in which they have made a significant impact on the community. It was because of their passion for cleanliness and their mutual love of helping others that they decided to build Maid U Shine. They took their dream to the next level by providing top-quality service and nurturing a successful, well-paid team.


Maid U Shine Vision and Values

Mission Statement

At Maid U Shine, we're dedicated to enhancing your quality of life with our customizable cleaning plans. Our goal is to earn your trust by consistently delivering exceptional service and building long-term relationships with each and every customer.


Our vision is to become the top choice for Houston individuals and businesses seeking dependable cleaning solutions. We strive to provide exceptional service and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.


Customer Oriented

The Team

Our goal has always been to help our clients shine brightly and that starts with a carefully selected team. From single mothers to minority individuals of varying backgrounds, our team of cleaning professionals have several years of experience and share our same commitment, drive, and vision to ensure you get the best for your home. The entire team at Maid U Shine looks forward to making you shine brighter!


Alexandria Alvarado

Sales Consultant

Meet Alexandria Alvarado, our sales consultant. She was born and raised in the United States. Her parents are from different parts of the world - her mother is from Mexico City, and her father is from Vietnam. Despite the cultural differences, Alexandria had a diverse upbringing, which helped her understand and appreciate different perspectives.

Alexandria is a single mother, and being a mom brings her the greatest joy in life. She loves spending quality time with her child, and they both enjoy going to theme parks and watching movies together. Her experience as a mother has taught her patience, empathy, and the importance of hard work.

Alexandria is passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals as a sales consultant. She knows that every client has unique needs, and she works diligently to provide personalized solutions tailored to their specific circumstances. Our team considers Alexandria an invaluable asset with her diverse background and unwavering dedication to her work.

Joanna Gomez

Team Leader and Part-time Office Assistant

Joanna Gomez was born to Mexican parents in Texas, the United States. She is a hardworking individual who works both in the field as a Maid and as our part-time office assistant. Apart from her job, she enjoys spending her free time doing nails and lashes, a hobby that she is passionate about. Joanna is married and has no children but hopes to have some soon.

Joanna loves working at Maid U Shine because of the opportunities that are given to her. Her dedication and commitment to her work have made her a valuable asset to our company. Her friendly and approachable nature has made her a favorite among colleagues and clients.

Despite her busy schedule, Joanna always finds time for her hobbies, which she finds relaxing and enjoyable. She takes pride in her work and always strives to improve herself personally and professionally. Joanna is an excellent example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success in life


Jesus Juarez

General Manager

Jesus Juarez is a General Manager with a long-standing career in the janitorial industry. Born in Mexico and raised in Texas, he has over 15 years of experience in this field. Jesus has a unique talent for leading his team to success, helping to increase sales, and, most importantly, delivering excellent quality service to all customers.

Jesus is known for his hard work, diligence, and unwavering commitment to helping his team and clients. He has an excellent reputation for always supporting others and providing guidance when needed. His personality is warm, friendly, and approachable, which makes him a highly effective leader.

Jesus has a natural ability to motivate his team and help them to reach their full potential in their respective roles. He excels in building strong relationships with clients and ensuring their needs are met beyond their expectations. He is genuinely dedicated to providing the best service possible and always looks for ways to improve and innovate in the industry. Jesus Juarez is an exceptional General Manager with a wealth of experience in the janitorial industry. His commitment to excellence, dedication to his team, and passion for delivering excellent service set him apart.

Minerva Bustamante

Marketing Manager

Meet Minerva Bustamante, our marketing specialist. Originally from Venezuela, she has been living in Houston for the past six years. Thanks to her expertise in marketing, our company has grown in business and has earned an excellent reputation. What sets Minerva apart is her love for customer service. She is dedicated to ensuring that every customer is happy and satisfied with the services provided by Maid U Shine.

Currently, Minerva is happily married and is expecting a baby girl. When she's not busy at work, she enjoys dancing and exploring the beautiful outdoors of Houston. Her passion for dance and nature reflects her vibrant and joyful personality. With her marketing skills and commitment to customer service, Minerva is an asset to Maid U Shine and a shining example of a dedicated and successful marketing specialist.


Mary Perez


Mary Perez is a supervisor who hails from El Salvador but has been living in the United States for over 15 years. She has a loving family of three - a husband, a sweet 11-year-old son named Bryan, and her little dog, Floffy. Mary loves to go for walks in the park and travel to meet other cultures.

Mary believes that the key to success is constancy and dedication. She knows that it takes hard work and commitment to achieve her goals, and she lives by this philosophy every day. Mary's positive attitude and determination are an inspiration to those around her, and she is highly respected by the maids and the team.

Mary is a true role model who shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Her dedication to her work and her family is admirable, and her commitment to success is something that we can all learn from. We are fortunate to have Mary Perez as our supervisor. She conducts quality control inspections after the maids finish every cleaning

Crystal Barron

Business Development

Meet Crystal Barron our Business Development. She is a native Houstonian and proud Texas A&M University alumni. She graduated with a degree in agriculture economics and double minored in sales and entrepreneurship. Her greatest strengths are networking, problem solving, and making new friends. Having over four years of sales experience allows Crystal to connect quickly with others and leverage relationships to provide value to clients and business partners.

Her enthusiasm persuades and motivates others by considering their point of view and adjusting delivery. On Crystal’s free time, she loves spending time with family and friends. She loves taking her dogs on walks at memorial park. A fun fact about Crystal is she loves to roller skate and is always teaching herself new skating tricks.

Crystal Barron Business Development

How We Work

Building Trust

Your home is your haven and anyone you let into it should treat it as such. Our Houston maids take the role they have in your home very seriously. We are careful to hire and train maids who care about honesty and transparency just as much as we do. 

We want to build trusting relationships with them so that, in turn, they also know how to put in the time to build trust with their customers. After all, our maids stay with us for the long-term and should form trusting and comfortable relationships with each and every client.

Quality Control to Your Highest Satisfaction

When you seek a Houston cleaning service, it’s only natural to expect a superb job in return. Because of this, an on-site supervisor accompanies every maid to every house to ensure no details are missed and that our clients are satisfied because their standards and our standards have been met. If you aren’t happy with our cleaning, we will be glad to re-clean wherever necessary. 

Long-Term Relationships

When you find a Houston cleaning service that you are content with, it’s understandable that you want to maintain the consistency of how clean your home is throughout the months. 

We take care to hire maids who are passionate about making lives shine brighter by creating a cleaner space and we work closely with them to ensure they are happy to stay with us in the long-term. That way, you will get to know your maid and trust that your space will look and feel better every time.  


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Are You Ready to Shine Brighter?

A cleaner home is a happier and healthier one. We can’t wait to help you shine brighter.

Houston cleaning service Maid U Shine is committed to improving your quality of life and making you shine brighter through various, flexible cleaning plans. We look forward to building trust, ensuring a job well done, and creating long-lasting relationships.

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