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Houston Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service

Are You Ready to Shine Brighter?

Your life shines brighter when you know that you’re coming home to find every room of your house perfectly clean.

What Our Houston Maids Clean During Move-in or Move-out Cleaning

Remove Trash
Outer Surfaces of Trash Can
Polish Glass Surfaces
Sweep and Mop Floors
Vacuuming Rugs
Clean Light Fixtures
Ceiling Fans
Dusting Exposed Baseboards
Cobweb Removal
Windows, Window Sills, Ledges, and Blinds
Wiping and Polishing Mirrors
Door & Door Frames
Outside of Cabinets & Drawers
Air Vents
Light Dusting of Tables, Chairs, and Other Furniture
Additional Houston Cleaning Services for Specific Rooms:
Outside Surfaces of Closets and Wardrobes
This service is perfect for a completely empty home, allowing for a thorough cleaning before move-in or after move-out.
Ease into your new home smoothly with our spotless move-in cleaning.
Secure your deposit with our thorough move-out cleaning.
Address any of your landlord's cleanliness concerns through us within 24 hours for quick resolution.
Contact us for an estimate if your home exceeds 2,500 sq. feet.

Houston Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service

It is said that moving out or moving in can be one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. But with the help of Maid U Shine, we can make your life shine brighter and help put your mind at ease. Maid U Shine is committed to building trust, enforcing strict quality control, and building long-term relationships with each of our clients.

With our Move-out cleaning service, we’ll help make sure that you get back your security deposit, and with our Move-in cleaning service, you can expect to move into a home that is spotlessly clean so that you can slip into life at a new address with a little more ease. We’ll take care of all the cleaning and cleaning supplies - the only thing we need are running water and power at the address, and that you let us know if there is any furniture left inside.

Make the Most of Our Move-In Cleaning Service

Every Biweekly cleaning will be overseen by a supervisor assigned to your home. The supervisor will arrive at the appointed time every other week in a Maid U Shine vehicle accompanied by the maids who will clean your house. Our maids are vetted with a background check and are trained to our exacting standards.

They will bring all the necessary cleaning supplies with them and will work as a team to maximize their efficiency and minimize their presence so as to not bother you or anyone who may be at home during the service. During the entire service period, our supervisors will be there to make sure that our strict quality control standards are met and your home is left looking and feeling like the personal haven it is.

Your Security Deposit Back Guaranteed With Our Move-Out Cleaning Service

Maid U Shine guarantees that you will get back your security deposit for all cleaning-related issues. If your landlord has any concerns related to the cleaning of your home, just direct them to us within 24 hours and we’ll be the ones to resolve them.

Our maids are highly professional and take the role they have in your home very seriously. They have been vetted with a background check and care about honesty and transparency just as much as we do.

Let Us Make Your Life Shine Brighter While You Make Your Move

Maid U Shine is a family-owned and operated business with a passion for positively impacting the lives of many and giving them the quality of life they deserve. We want you to shine brighter day in and day out, and we look forward to offering you our stellar, eco-friendly cleaning services backed by trust, quality control, and lasting relationships.

So whether you’re moving in or moving out, we’ll help make your life shine brighter. Call us to get an estimate if your home is over 2,500 sq. feet. Get in touch today and set an appointment!


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Are You Ready to Shine Brighter?

A cleaner home is a happier and healthier one. We can’t wait to help you shine brighter.

Houston cleaning service Maid U Shine is committed to improving your quality of life and making you shine brighter through various, flexible cleaning plans. We look forward to building trust, ensuring a job well done, and creating long-lasting relationships.

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